I Have No Idea

Why is it that everytime
I write

there’s always this moment where everything begins to pause

Like making an important document then suddenly your computer shuts down

Is it because

i’ve been distracted with this video game I’m playing?

where in
You thought you were the hero but then it turns out you were the villain all along.

Sounds familiar huh?

Seems like my life isn’t that much different from this stupid game

Or maybe

It’s because
I’ve been staring at the ceiling for three straight hours?

thinking about
Pixie dust

I dont know..

Maybe I was simply sitting here completely blank

But looking at this piece of paper
while I sit in this table at 2 am with nothing
but a mug filled with coffee and a scrambled mind

I realize..

I actually wrote something

Is this what being a writer truly mean?

Turning zero into infinity

Turning petty rocks into diamonds

Turning copper into gold

Turning dust into galaxies

Turning scribbles into a masterpiece?

Thinking about all this..

i’m lost once again

I have no idea what point i’m trying to make

Did it make sense?

What’s the pause again?

I have no idea.

I let my thoughts go wild like a hungry beast
my heart bleed every word possible

And honestly

I think that’s all that ever matters


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