My Mistake

They ran to me
Everytime they were in pain

With arms wide open
I offered them help

I know what sadness is
I know how it felt

My demons came to visit

It’s one of those days

When the shade is consuming
And the light from inside slowly begins to fade

My heart is empty I know
But I can feel it ache

Every part
Every corner

I can feel it break

I waited for them to come running
But that day
Not even one of them came


I guess
They’re really not to blame

Acting like a savior when I cant even save myself

That was my fuckin mistake


Photo Competition

Hi guys! Me and my friend joined a photo competition on facebook about the mental health of people in my country (philippines)

I’ll be sharing the links down bellow and I’d be really grateful if you guys could take a bit of your time and like the post.

And if it’s fine with you guys please share it with your friends too

I really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance to you all 😀

Love you guys and God bless !

Just Laugh


life just pisses you off

The lemon isn’t enough for him to throw

So he sends you a giant ball of fire
raging through your door

And it keeps coming

like rain pouring during a storm

But then you get used to it

as life keeps throwing it at you constantly

The next time it comes
all you could ever do is laugh

because you know damn well there is no escape from it

You laugh and laugh
thinking how absurd it is

That life itself is pushing you to jump off of this cliff

You laugh
because life laughs at you too

You laugh
because that’s the only thing you can do

You look above and stare at the heavens

You try to find for answers in the sky

But none of that could make things right

You laugh again

breath in deeply

Then end everything with a sigh

as you realize

Life may beat you up

you will always give him a good fight

He may comeback
throw something bigger

Just laugh and let him try

Am I Insane?

The people who call themselves “normal”
call people like me “insane”

I wonder why

Am I insane for letting my emotions flow freely?

Am I insane for letting my imagination go wild?

Am I insane for having fun even though everything isn’t alright ?

Am I insane for creating beauty out of chaos?

Am I insane for making magic with my words?

Am I insane for turning hell into a masterpiece?

Am I insane for being different?

Am I insane because of this?

If insanity is synonymous to being real,  free , creative , hopeful, beautiful and awesome

Then I’d be more than glad to be called insane

While all of you “normal” people
living boring lives
can keep calling yourselves “sane”


We fight and bleed

Lose pieces of ourselves and bear the pain

For loving those who wouldn’t return the favor

We love beyond our limits for those who wouldn’t do the same

we love and we keep on loving until we love beyond love itself

So why the hell is it so hard for us


To love the person we see
everytime we look in the mirror


Why the hell Is it so hard for us


To love ourselves