My Mistake

They ran to me
Everytime they were in pain

With arms wide open
I offered them help

I know what sadness is
I know how it felt

My demons came to visit

It’s one of those days

When the shade is consuming
And the light from inside slowly begins to fade

My heart is empty I know
But I can feel it ache

Every part
Every corner

I can feel it break

I waited for them to come running
But that day
Not even one of them came


I guess
They’re really not to blame

Acting like a savior when I cant even save myself

That was my fuckin mistake


They Never Told Us

They told us to face our fears

But they never told us that

fear was just a mask and the face hiding beneath it was failure

They told us to chase our dreams

But they never told us

why our dreams were running away from us

They told us that time flies

But they never told us that time has broken wings

They told us to fall inlove

But they never told us that love was a bottomless pit

They told us to take a leap of faith

But they never told us that faith was the fall

They told us to reach for the mountain top

But they never told us that

the peak was nothing but gray skies and fog

They told us to keep moving forward

But they never told us about the road ahead

They told us to live life to the fullest

But they never told us that

life was impossible to be filled

They told us about the goal

They told us about the prize

They told us about the finish line

But they never told us how terrifying the journey is

They told us all of these

But they never told us

about the ugly truth that lies beyond

Thank You

To those who lit my fire
when I was losing light

To those who gave me reasons to appreciate life

To those who gave me wings enabling me to fly

To those who stayed and loved me
despite my complicated mind

Thank you.

For you saw in me a masterpiece
When all I ever saw
was an empty canvass

~ dedicated to kassy

I Have No Idea

Why is it that everytime
I write

there’s always this moment where everything begins to pause

Like making an important document then suddenly your computer shuts down

Is it because

i’ve been distracted with this video game I’m playing?

where in
You thought you were the hero but then it turns out you were the villain all along.

Sounds familiar huh?

Seems like my life isn’t that much different from this stupid game

Or maybe

It’s because
I’ve been staring at the ceiling for three straight hours?

thinking about
Pixie dust

I dont know..

Maybe I was simply sitting here completely blank

But looking at this piece of paper
while I sit in this table at 2 am with nothing
but a mug filled with coffee and a scrambled mind

I realize..

I actually wrote something

Is this what being a writer truly mean?

Turning zero into infinity

Turning petty rocks into diamonds

Turning copper into gold

Turning dust into galaxies

Turning scribbles into a masterpiece?

Thinking about all this..

i’m lost once again

I have no idea what point i’m trying to make

Did it make sense?

What’s the pause again?

I have no idea.

I let my thoughts go wild like a hungry beast
my heart bleed every word possible

And honestly

I think that’s all that ever matters


Make the world your stage and walk it like a runway

Know that being true to yourself isn’t a sin

Dont let the ignorant crowd make you lose your magnificence

Show them the real you and let your true colors be seen

there is nothing for you to be ashamed of

keep your head up and be proud

Because in a world where everything is either black or white

you chose to be a rainbow

Happy Birthday

I pray to whatever God is staring at me tonight

That you may be happy

Through heaven and hell

Through summer and winter

Through failure and success

Through famine and feast

Through drought and abundance.

To the one who slipped through my clumsy fingertips and left my foolish love


that I will always be here for you

Hoping that you may one day hold the world in your hand 


release the burden of its weight from your shoulders

May your heart beat with endless joy 


May your mind be filled with infinite rainbows

Happy birthday

I Didn’t Come Out From A Fairytale

I’m not a knight in shining armor

I’m a warrior 

with blood-filled chestplates and battle scars 

Im not a rich kid 
with blonde hair 
Riding a white horse 

you see

Forgive me

If i’m not the prince charming you expected me to be

I know you always dreamt of being a princess 

But I was meant to be a king

Music x Memories

It’s amazing

How a three minute song
Can bring us back to six years worth of memories

It’s wonderful

How a single beat
can bring us back to places we haven’t seen for a long time

It’s awesome

How words mixed with melodies 
can make us miss people we haven’t spoken to for years

It’s beautiful

How music reminds us
that we had a lot of things worth remembering


We laughed

We cried

We smiled

We loved


We lived