Just Laugh


life just pisses you off

The lemon isn’t enough for him to throw

So he sends you a giant ball of fire
raging through your door

And it keeps coming

like rain pouring during a storm

But then you get used to it

as life keeps throwing it at you constantly

The next time it comes
all you could ever do is laugh

because you know damn well there is no escape from it

You laugh and laugh
thinking how absurd it is

That life itself is pushing you to jump off of this cliff

You laugh
because life laughs at you too

You laugh
because that’s the only thing you can do

You look above and stare at the heavens

You try to find for answers in the sky

But none of that could make things right

You laugh again

breath in deeply

Then end everything with a sigh

as you realize

Life may beat you up

you will always give him a good fight

He may comeback
throw something bigger

Just laugh and let him try


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